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Public relations it is not so much the science and technology invented by someone, how many objectively and the function which is constantly present at an directed on creation favorable (a adverse) a background round some object in time and in some volume. Another thing is that means and methods of realization of this function can be applied with bigger or degree of sensibleness, be based on the fractional information or harmonous system of scientific information, by various factors etc.

Whether this definition for understanding of an essence of PR suffices? It, no. But at all not because 65 scientists recruited in the mentioned research something misunderstood. Simply "public relations" — it is constantly developing system, and a variety of its descriptions testifies only to emergence or a of any tendencies during certain periods or at groups of researchers and practicians. From this point a it is expedient to make the short analysis of a number of treatments of the Ave.

Summarizing told above, we will try to define sense of the words making the term "communications with ­". So, what such "public"? It is the internal and environment of some organization or the project. This environment on such categories as firm personnel, members of public formation, partners and opponents, real and potential consumers of goods and services of some organization; and these and services can both act in the form of the materialized subjects, and to take the form of leaders, programs, ideas etc.

The actions directed on harmonization of relationship interfood by environment elements make sense of the concept "communications". It is necessary to that these communications realized first of all through the mass media (MM) are urged to have purposeful impact on public opinion in certain interests. In one case such influence aims at receiving support of public, in other — achievement of public understanding or a neutrality, in the third — mitigation of the consequences of crisis and conflict.

According to one of pioneers of "public relations" in Germany, L. Oekla, the main objectives of PR consisted in that, "to help subjects to be guided with society, to receive the correct information and to form own opinion".

Coming back to given above, I will notice that at all in it the leading accent is clearly traced: PR — a certain on the organization of general cooperation for "service to interests of the public". Such approach which it is conditionally possible to call altruistic, is present and at tens other of PR, as earlier, and appeared later.

However there is also other accent (will call it compromise) placing emphasis on other factors: first, it is not about abstraction at all, and about satisfaction of concrete interests; secondly, the organization for this purpose considers interests of the public that also its interests were apprehended with understanding. Such approach to PR in the first decades of the XX century was offered by one of "fathers" of communications with an — Edward Berneyz who wrote: