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The increase in a proyektivnost, improvement of quality of eggs and meat, increase of conversion of a forage and decrease in its costs of receiving production of poultry farming occur due to positive influence of fermental preparations on digestibility and assimilation of nutritious and mineral substances of a forage in an organism.

Undoubted interest is represented by a comparative of foreign and domestic fermental preparations. in structure wheat and barley kormosmesy (in a dose of 0,1% on the mass of an import preparation avizy 1200 and domestic MEK -

Example of the second. Compound feed for the same bird contains 2520 kcal/kg of OE and 14,1% of a protein. EPO equals 178,7, that is more quantity is the share energy of each percent of a protein. In this case increase of availability of OE from a will not give a positive effect. Moreover, the of hens can even be lowered. The bird regulates consumption of a forage on the basis of power saturation therefore at a of availability of OE it will consume forages less, in a of that receipt of a protein in an organism will decrease.

Example the third. Compound feed for the same bird contains 2520 kcal/kg of OE and 16,2% - a protein, but the protein is scarce on a lysine (0,59% instead of 0,70%). As the protein is balanced on a lysine for 84,3%, the maintenance of the balanced protein in compound feed in a makes 13,6%. Proceeding from it, EPO counting on a protein makes 185,3 that is much higher than the. Means, inclusion fermental a preparation in this case will not give a positive effect. At first it is necessary to balance a protein on a lysine (in other cases - on sulfur-containing ), and only after that application of a fermental preparation will be justified/1/.

SH-2 allowed to increase intensity of growth of broilers for 3,1 and 6,4% respectively, to cut a forage consumption on unit on 13,0 and 13,3%, to increase profitability of production of meat from 1,17% in control group to 7,02% and 25,8% respectively. Thus, by efficiency the multienzimny composition did not concede to an import preparation of known firm "Finnfids".

The Yaytsenoskost of laying hens and exit of egg weight increase under the influence of a purivetin by 5,6 and 8,9%. a vilzima respectively for 7 and 9,5%. The live mass of young growth in 120 days age increases under the influence of a purivetin by 3,1%, a vilzim — for 9,1%; the gain of live mass of broilers increases under the influence of a purivetin for 2,7%. a vilzima — for 6,0%.

Vilzim. Represents the multienzimny composition intended for use in compound feeds and diets. The preparation is received in the course of deep cultivation of strains of bacteria and mushrooms and contains beta, is whole-lyulazu, protease, amylase, a ksilanaza, a fitaza, etc. Enzymes, in structure of a vilzim neutralize being in a stern, mainly grain of cereals, anti-nutrients (polysaccharides) that promotes increase of comprehensibility of the digested substances of a forage in an organism of a bird.

Example the first. Compound feed for laying hens ­ herds of 50-week age contains 2520 kcal/kg of OE and 16,2% of a crude protein. Means, 155,5 kcal of OE instead of necessary 162 kcal are the share of 1% of a protein. That is in a diet with such a protein it is necessary to have 2620 kcal/kg of OE. Therefore, inclusion of a fermental preparation in compound feed with such of nutritiousness is expedient.