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The provision on a limitation period of imposing of an administrative penalty contains in Art. 38 the Administrative Code. It is about time during which the violator can be brought to administrative responsibility. After this term the proceeding cannot be begun, and begun is subject to the termination.

The body (official) has the right to consider only those cases which are subordinated to it, to impose collectings within the sanction of that article according to which actions of the person are qualified, to choose a look and the amount of collecting within the powers conferred to it.

Administrative detention is applied for a period of up to 15 days under the resolution of district (city) court, the judge. The pregnant women, women having children aged till 12 years, minors, disabled people of I and II groups cannot be exposed to administrative detention.

The maximum size of a penalty to which the individual subject can be subjected, - 100 minimum salaries. The most heavy fine provided in the relation of the organizations - 25 thousand minimum salaries

The prevention is applied as an independent measure of punishment for commission of insignificant administrative violations, and also in relation to persons who for the first time made offense and thus are well characterized at work and in life. As well as any collecting, the prevention is imposed by the publication of the written resolution. Oral warnings which officials make to citizens, cannot be considered, how collectings.

The most important principle of application of administrative penalties – expediency. Its main manifestations: individualization of a penalty and economy of repressions. At a choice of a measure of influence circumstances under which act, and circumstances characterizing the violator, his property status, degree of his fault was made have to be considered. Substantially these requirements are concretized in lists of the circumstances softening and aggravating responsibility (Art. 34, 35 the Administrative Code).

In proportion to the minimum monthly size of compensation. This option of definition of penalties is used most often. In such cases the penalty is estimated proceeding from the size of the minimum monthly compensation on the date of violation commission and if such day cannot be determined, - on the date of its detection (Art. 243 Customs the code.