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One of modifications of the included supervision carries the name of the stimulating supervision. This way means impact of the researcher on events which he observes. The sociologist creates a certain situation to stimulate events that gives the chance to estimate reaction to this intervention.

For this purpose there are ways to achieve the minimum mistakes at diagnostic supervision. One of them consists in that the researcher made so that people do not know that watch them. Other way - to create false idea of the supervision purpose. Of course these ways can seem immoral but to achieve truthfulness of information, it is better for researcher not to show the purposes, especially in case having learned about them people will be able to misinterpret research problems.

Expressional function - the widest on the. The public opinion always occupies a certain in relation to any facts and events in life of society, to actions of various institutes, leaders of a. This feature gives to this phenomenon character of the costing over institutes of the power estimating and activity of institutes and leaders of parties,.

Supervision can have various character. Sometimes the observer independently observes the occurring events. It can sometimes use data of supervision of other persons. Supervision happens simple and scientific. Simple is what is not subordinated to the plan and it is conducted without definitely developed system. Scientific supervision differs in that:

thirdly, mass judgments of people possess degree of objectivity (validity). It ­ that. that opinions can be formed on a basis of both knowledge, and false views and wrong. In case of a lack of objective information people it hearings, intuition etc. The public opinion which does not have in the basis of the firm scientific base can be wrong. Judgment of scientific criticism frequent

Practice shows that if necessary measures, in particular propaganda, are accepted during origin or at the initial stage of formation of public opinion to orient it in the positive, necessary direction much easier or to, not to give to develop into incorrect belief, the subsequent, on this basis, the corresponding actions and manifestations in life.

The general characteristic of a social situation including such elements as: field of activity (production, non-productive, specification of its features, etc.); the rules and norms regulating a condition of object in general (formal and standard, but not fixed in instructions or orders); extent of self-control of object of supervision (in what measure its state is defined by external factors and the internal reasons).

On degree of a formalizovannost allocate uncontrollable (or non-standard, besstrukturno and controlled (standardized, structurally. In uncontrollable supervision use only the basic plan, and at controlled - register events on in details developed procedure.

Secondly, in each case the public opinion traces the roots back to these or those requirements and interests of people, declaring to the fact of the existence importance of their account and satisfaction.

In the absence of accurate hypotheses when research is conducted according to the fomlulyativny (approximate) plan, apply simple or unstructured supervision. The purpose of such preliminary supervision consists in thinking up hypotheses for more strict description of observed object. Thus the following is used:

Public opinion - the specific manifestation of public consciousness which is expressed in estimates (both in oral, and in written forms and characterizing obvious (or the relation of big social groups (first of all the majority the people to the actual problems of reality representing public interest is hidden.

Drawing up rigid procedure of controlled supervision is preceded by the detailed analysis of a problem on the basis of the theory and data of uncontrollable supervision. Now the separate phenomena, events, forms of behavior of people have to be interpreted in concepts of logic of research, they get sense of indicators of some more general properties or actions.