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Dispossession of land of peasants was caused also by concentration of the landed property in hands of foreign owners. So, in staff of Chihuahua Americans owned 42,7% of the earth, in the state Nayarit – 41,9%, in the Lower California – 29%.

Economy colonial Nova of Spain ­ mainly on a mining, which development, in particular production of metals (gold and, it was encouraged with the mother country which was taking out its production to Europe. But development of a mining promoted emergence and others productions. Contrary to resistance of the mother country manufacturing industry started growing. The first manufactories which started forcing out craft production. Emergence of manufactories in Mexico was an important stage in creation of prerequisites of origin of a capitalist way of production.

Development mining and other branches of a on the basis of manufactories prepared a colony for a on the capitalist way of development. Near mines, on a place of miner's settlements, the cities which became more and more capacious market began to grow.

The backward social and economic structure was especially visually shown in the provision of agrarian sector of economy. Latifundizm, though was crushed by revolution as a ruling class, continued to keep command heights in agriculture.