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The fauna of the archipelago Tierra Del Fuego and the Southern Andes is approximately identical and quite peculiar. Along with a blue fox, lisitsepodobny, or Magellanic, the dog and many rodents are widespread there. The endemic, living underground rodent tuko-tuko is characteristic. Birds are numerous: parrots, humming-bird.

Ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the minerals extracted in the territory of the Andes (copper, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, silver, antimony, lead and zinc of a magmatic and metamorphic origin are distinguished. Also there extract platinum, gold, jewels. On east uplands large-scale deposits of zirconium, beryl, bismuth, the titan, uranium, nickel are connected with an exit of magmatic breeds; fields of iron and manganese – with exits of metamorphic breeds; deposits of the bauxites containing aluminum - with aeration bark. Oil fields, natural gas and coal are dated for platform deflections, intermountain and foothill hollows. In the conditions of desert climate at biochemical decomposition of a dung of sea birds deposits of the Chilean saltpeter were formed.

Climatic conditions of Tierra Del Fuego are favorable for development of a freezing. The snow border in the West lies at the height of 500 m, and glaciers break directly to the ocean, forming icebergs. Ridges are covered with ice, and only sharp tops rise over its cover.